How to Dye Synthetic Lace Front Wigs?

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The beauty of human hair is that it is porous, it is easy to dye. How about synthetic wig?
Synthetic wigs is easy to stain smooth plastic fibers, and human hair can be. Whether because of illness or other options,wig wearer will choose synthetic wigs,such as synthetic lace wigs,synthetic full lace wigs ,lace front wigs synthetic and so on.

Is there a way to change the color of these wigs? Or it needs to perpetuate the same color? Although there is no way to make a wig color fades, but a way to get darker, or richer.
Things need to be prepared to dye your hair:
Fiber dyes, or color drift lotion (close your wig curtain), empty spray bottle, wig dye fixative (optional)
Dyed steps:
The first step to dramatically change the color of the wig, the color you want to buy liquid fiber dyes. Dissolved in a gallon of water, four ounces of hair dye. Immersed in hair dyes, soak at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you reach your desired color. Rinse the hair, according to the manufacturer's recommendations carefully to adapt.
The second step if you want lace front wigs more soft, lotion bottle of color drift can be resolved. In order to make the hair color uniformity, will drift into the spray lotion bottle. Then the hair color spray drift lotion, but do not rinse, dry, spray again if necessary.
The third step if you want to have fun on your hair, colorful stripes, the Sharpie logo on the use of dye or permanent dye fixative each one stain. From the hair root, holding a dye fixative broadside against the state of the art hair dry.
Synthetic wig color the more light the more easy to color. If you want a wig piece dyed bright colors, silver or gold is the best choice. Stained, hung it to dry, like paper towels hanging in the rack, so do not touch other objects, you can dry evenly.
When the dye to human hair lace front wigs, the increase in hair dye to dye tank before, the hair should be dry, so to achieve a more precise dyeing effect.
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